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Text Box: The IP-PBX from Panasonic is a feature rich system that can not only allow phones in your office, but can also allow office phones anywhere there is a broadband (Internet) connection.  This system can have In Building Cell Sites.  That is a cordless phone that can work almost anywhere near your building, and will switch from one Transceiver to another similar to the way your Cell Phone switches towers.  The systems can be configured from as few as 4 lines and 4 phones to a few hundred lines and a few hundred phones.

Panasonic KX-T Systems are famous for being backwards compatible.


If you have an older Panasonic KX-T series phone system, you can upgrade to the new IP-PBX, and still use your older (within the last 20 years) phones.  If you purchase a new IP-PBX today, I am sure you can upgrade, and use your existing phones in the future.  Unlike other manufactures that discontinue a system with no hope of getting an upgrade to existing equipment.  If you have an older system, there are replacement phones available for your existing system.

KX-TA 824

Simple, Yet Powerful System.

The 824 system is packed with features.  Out of the box it has 3 lines and up to 8 phones.  It can be expanded to 8 lines and up to 24 phones. 

Perfect for the Small to Medium sized businesses


Can be upgraded to the IP-PBX in the future!

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