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Text Box: Surveillance Systems
Network Cameras (Netcam)

Record Up to 30 Days, and up to 64 Cameras

With this Camera System, you can record, as well as watch your cameras from anywhere you can get the internet. Recording is accomplished on a stable Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Text Box: With this Camera System, you can watch your cameras from anywhere you can get an internet signal, including most Cellular Phones.  With Pan/Tilt/Zoom, you can get a closer view of what you need to see.  All of this from your internet connection with the proper passwords.  Others can view only what you want them to see with a lower level password.  Some of these systems will allow AUDIO, so you can hear, as well as see.  In some cases, you can talk back.

Optional Systems: CD/DVD Recorder, Network (Internet) viewing.


Can be viewed on most standard TV sets (using Video Input) or Monitors. Can be chained together for larger Facilities.

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Video Door PhonesText Box: Now you can answer your door and see whos there EVEN ON YOUR CELL PHONE.  This helps prevents break-ins.  It lets you know when the teens are getting home, by sending you an e-mail, with a date and time stamp.  It can let you know when anything at your door moves using motion sensors.
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Answer Your Door from Anywhere!Text Box: Make sure your employees are working for you not against you!
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